How consistent is your brand?

I’m sitting in a Whole Foods having breakfast while my car is getting an oil change, and I’m in awe of how well this company brands its supermarkets.

The Whole Foods’ brand is based on being healthy, high quality, and sustainable.

And I can’t put my finger on just one thing, but once I walk into any Whole Foods, I just feel healthier. I still feel kind of healthy even after eating scrambled eggs, a couple of sausage links, and potatoes.

Maybe it’s the green signs. Or the wood accents everywhere. It’s not just the interior design, though. This brand extends to its products and employees, too.

The product packaging of its 365 brand exudes freshness. And the company’s employees typically look very happy and healthy.

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Whole Foods 365 Products. Photo courtesy of KCRW.

The brand is consistent throughout all aspects of its operations.

Which begs the question, how consistent are the brands that you work with, whether it’s your company or personal brand?

Let’s take your company brand to start. Are you communicating a consistent set of values? Does your company’s personality shine through in the interactions with your customers? What is your company you known for?

Similar questions can be asked about your personal brand. If you don’t think you have one, you should listen to this episode of my podcast where Chris Dessi talks about how to build a personal brand.

Google yourself. What comes up? What is the online world’s perception of you? What do your friends and family think of when they hear your name, talk with you, and see you? Is it consistent?

“Brand” is such a nebulous term. It’s the collection of appearance, personality, culture, and anything else that can impact how you are viewed by others.

How consistent is your brand?

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