If making history was easy, why bother?

After the Golden State Warriors’ game 4 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kobe Bryant sent a text to Warriors power forward Draymond Green that said, “If making history was easy, why bother?”

I love that.

Why bother with doing anything that’s difficult? Why bother with pushing yourself to be better? Why bother with getting out of your comfort zone?

Because accomplishing something difficult feels good. Doing something that’s hard helps you improve. And learning a new skill or craft keeps things interesting.

If something comes really easy, it’s probably not worth doing.

There are instances where it’s OK to take the easy way out, as there may be better ways to spend your time.

Pay for that mechanic instead of learning how to change your oil. Buy that sprinkler system instead of watering your lawn by hand. Automate some processes and workflows to achieve scale and efficiency.

But for the things that matter, like making customers happy, forging strong relationships, and constantly improving, you have to bother with putting forth more effort. Because doing those things may be what you need to make history.

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