It’s tough to avoid card clutter and I’ve tried many different ways. Here’s the system that I am using now:

  1. Each large project, product, or function has its own board. Some smaller projects and other info are lists in larger, more general boards.
  2. I have a “weekly to do” board where I list all the cards that I need to get done this week. I’ll have lists named “Due this week”, “Doing”, “Today”, “Done” and one for each day of the week.
  3. I’ll review my project/product/function boards on Sunday evening to plan for the week. For each task that needs to get done, I’ll add a card to the “Weekly to do” board and link that card to the original card on the project board so I can refer back to it.
  4. As I work on or complete tasks , I’ll move them where they need to go on the weekly board and update the original card as needed.

That’s my process, at least until it stops working. I should probably write a full post about this!

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Dad and husband! Growing @meter_io and @utu_trust. #crypto, #startup, ex-marketer @capitals, power napper

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