Topic generation — the tough part of blogging for me

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One of the reasons I’ve never been able to consistently blog in the past is because I’ve had trouble coming up with blog post topics.

I’m not really sure why this is.

I read a lot of articles. I listen to podcasts. I have many conversations with smart people. All of this should help me generate plenty of ideas for blog posts.

I know there are plenty of topics out there that I can write about, so maybe my problem is either with 1) process, or 2) valuing the topics, or both.

RE: process — maybe my topic generation process is broken. I actually don’t have much of a process, and maybe I should.

At the moment, if I get inspired and think of an idea, I’ll jot it down and either write about it immediately or refer to it later. That’s pretty much the extent of my process.

I just came up with the topic for this blog post 10 minutes ago.

Maybe I should set time aside to concentrate on topic generation. I dunno, that just seems contrived to me.

RE: valuing a topic — when I do think of topics, sometimes I believe I don’t know enough about a topic to write about it. Other times I think that some topics either aren’t that interesting to me or won’t be interesting to readers.

I should probably log those topics for future use. Maybe I’ll get smarter about them, or maybe my interest in them will grow.

For the bloggers out there, do you have any tips on how you generate topics for your articles? I’d love to hear more about your process and how you value your topics. Please comment or reach out to me at Thanks!

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This is day 39 of my experiment to blog for 30 consecutive days.

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