Under-promise and over-deliver — what a crock

“Under-promise and over-deliver” — I hate that saying and never understood why anyone uses it.

So you’re going to set low expectations and when you surpass them, yay! Everyone will be happy!

What a crock of shit.

What about setting realistic expectations? Or even setting stretch goals? Don’t you think that will make you work harder to achieve more?

Which situation is better:

  1. Setting a deadline of a month to complete a blog post, and completing it on time, or
  2. Setting a deadline of a week for that blog post, but completing it 3 days late?

If you’re a believer of under-promising and over-delivering, then you’d go with #1.

If you just want to get more shit done, then you’d go with #2.

I understand the importance of managing expectations, especially working with clients.

But intentionally under-promising on deadlines and deliverables for the purpose of over-delivering on them is pretty weak.

I think setting realistic expectations and even including stretch goals is the best way to go. Then, of course, delivering on your promises.

Sorry, rant over!

What are your thoughts about under-promising and over-delivering? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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Dad and husband! Growing @meter_io and @utu_trust. #crypto, #startup, ex-marketer @capitals, power napper

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