Waking up before the alarm goes off

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I hate when that happens.

Sometimes I wake up an hour before the alarm goes off, and other times it’s only a few minutes.

Either way, when this happens, I feel like I start the day off on the wrong foot. It’s like I’m already derailed, and the day hasn’t even started.

An analog of this happens all the time. For one reason or another, you might get thrown off course from your task, project, or goal.

Maybe a competitor swoops in with a great product just as you’re about to launch yours. This happened with the first version of Android, where Google basically started over after the iPhone launched.

Or maybe that one day that you skipped going to the gym turns into one week, then one month. And your goal of losing 5 pounds seems unattainable.

Or maybe there are just so many distractions that you can’t seem to concentrate on the task at hand.

How you react to these situations says a lot about you.

Google redesigned Android, which turned out pretty good.

Getting your butt back in the gym will start the cycle of good habits again.

And shutting off the notifications on your phone and closing your email tool will take away those distractions.

But will you take the time to do those things? How will you rebound when you wake up before the alarm goes off and things get derailed?

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