We’ve made 3 major changes to ribl and we think you’ll like them

Building a great product is a really hard job. It takes a strong vision, a deep understanding of and empathy for our users, and the ability to analyze both qualitative and quantitative data to glean insights. It’s a process that involves all of our team members and of course, you, our users.

We’ve spoken to many of you and have heard everything you’ve said about ribl. Armed with that information, we’ve been working hard on implementing new features and improvements to the app. Here are some of the changes you’ll see when you download or upgrade the app, which you can do by clicking here.

1) Post from another location

There are times when you may want to create a story and pin it to a location that’s not where you are right now.

Say you’re having dinner at a great restaurant and you want to post a story about it on ribl. You quickly snap a picture of your entree but can’t think of a witty comment to write at the moment. You don’t want to spend a lot of time during your your meal crafting that perfect ribl post, and you’d rather wait until you get home to write about it.

Or maybe you found an interesting article about Baltimore that you’d like to share on ribl, but you’re in Washington, DC now.

Now you can easily post a ribl story to another location!

When you pull up the “Create Story” screen, you’ll see that there is an additional field at the bottom that says “Post from: Current location.” If you tap that field, you’ll be taken to a map view where you can either search for a specific location or drag the pin around the map to point to where you would like to place your story. Once you select your location, you’ll be taken back to the “Create Story” screen to complete your story.

Check out this short video that outlines the process:


2) Increased viewing radius

While the number of ribl users is growing every day, we still don’t have enough users in every location to post content to the app. Thus, if you’re in a location where there isn’t any content, your ribl feed may be blank, like this:

That’s not cool. Relevant, local content is core to the ribl experience, and you shouldn’t see a blank screen like that.

There may even be instances where a story’s location is 1.1 miles away from your location and you wouldn’t see it because it’s outside of the initial 1-mile radius. That story is still relevant to your location and it’s just not right for it to be left off your feed.

So we’ve increased the geographic coverage of the feed so that you’ll always see some stories, even if there is no content in your immediate area. Stories will still be sorted by our feed algorithm (which is based on the stories’ distance from your current location, the number of boosts it received, and its recency), so the most relevant ones will show up at the top.

We believe that the app will be more engaging and you’ll be able to discover happenings that may be just outside of your immediate 1-mile area.

3) Onboarding tutorial

In the very early days when we were developing our alpha versions, our testers were primarily our close friends and family to whom we could explain the concept of ribl. Thus we didn’t really need to incorporate any explanation into the app.

But now that people whom we don’t know are becoming riblers, we’ve been told by some users that they’re not really sure what to do after downloading the app.

So we’ve incorporated an onboarding tutorial that explains what you can do with ribl the first time you open the app. This tutorial is also available in the “More” menu, just in case you need a refresher. Check out how it looks:

We think this will help new users understand the value they can get from ribl and how they can use the app to share and discover what’s happening around them.


We hope you like our improvements! We believe that the addition of the ability to post from another location, the increased viewing radius, and the onboarding tutorial will make the app more engaging and provide more value to riblers.

We’re constantly improving the app, so if you have any feedback or comments about ribl, please fill out this form to let us know.

Thanks for reading!

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