What do you do when you start to lose steam?

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The day you launch that new product, your first day on the job, and the day you move to a new house are all very exciting.

You’re starting something new, there’s a lot of activity and momentum, and the change is invigorating.

But then days, weeks, months, and years go by, and things can get dull.

That initial luster wears off, growth decelerates, momentum slows, and things just aren’t as exciting as they once were.

What happens then? What happens when you start to lose steam?

Do you power through, continue to work, and find new ways to make things exciting again?

Or are you on to the next one?

One option isn’t necessarily better than the other, but the way you respond says a lot about the person you are.

There is certainly strength in persistence, but it’s not always the right option. You might be spending a lot of time and energy on something that has no hope for the future.

On the other hand, you can lose a lot of opportunities if you move on to something new too soon. If you persist and keep chugging along, you might be able to catch that break.

Being able to recognize when to keep working or move on is difficult, but such a valuable skill.

What do you do when your projects start to lose steam? How do you recognize when to keep plugging away, and when to move on?

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