Where do you find inspiration?

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I believe that inspiration can come from anywhere, you just have to be open to it and notice it.

I got the inspiration to write my prior blog post from a Google Chrome extension.

Many entrepreneurs have found inspiration to start their companies by recognizing problems they experience. For instance, Kevin Plank started Under Armour because he sweated a lot during football practice.

The issue is that many people try to find inspiration while at work, and the office is probably the worst place to do so.

Sometimes you need to just get out in the world and take time to think.

In addition to deliberately taking time to think, meetings and chats with people in different industries and various backgrounds are very helpful. Learning more about how others live their lives and what issues they face will expand your worldview and inspire more ideas.

There are a million places where you can find inspiration, which can be the basis of your next project, career, or company.

So where do you go to find inspiration?

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